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Don't know much about Barn Dances? We answer your questions here...

Folk dance band

Do my guests need experience?
No! Absolutely no previous experience is necessary - the Caller explains what to do before the dance starts, by walking you through the steps once or twice. You'll be stripping the willow and dosie-doeing before you know it.

Do my guests need to have a partner?
Most dances need partners - but you don't have to bring one - just grab someone of the opposite sex (or not, you choose!) when you're ready to fact, it's nice to swap partners and make sure everyone's up and on their feet.

Do we need special clothing?
Any clothing can be worn (including wedding dress and high heels!) although your guests might be more comfortable in casual clothes and shoes suitable for dancing. But it's really not a priority - you can dance in anything!

Where should we hold our Barn Dance?
Anywhere - a village hall, community centre, hotel, marquee, back garden - even in a car park. The most important consideration is that the dancing area is level, and free from obstructions.

Is it only suitable for adults?
No - kids love barn dancing and they learn the steps really quickly too - bring 'em along. They'll soon be showing you up, so get those two left feet sorted out!

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